So after living with the new for two week now, I’m astounded by how much disk space it’s using for previews, thumbnails, and caches.

To recap, I have a library of roughly 9200 photos that I store on a second drive, since my OS drive is an SSD. These are mostly RAW files (e.g. NEF, RW2, etc.) The initial import to created a library of 12.18GB. This is just previews and thumbnails.

I have not added or edited a single photo inside since the initial import; I’ve only used it as a browser.

And the photos library has now grown to 16.68GB, plus it’s keeping a separate/secondary cache over 8GB inside the app sandbox storage. (e.g. ~/Library/containers/

This is just absurd.

For comparison, I just updated to lightroom 6, and generated smart previews for my entire library.

The catalog itself (e.g. lrcat file) is 85MB
The Smart Previews lrdat file is 9.11GB
The main Previews lrdat file is 3.66GB
And the cache folder? 2.8MB

So, with no edits whatsoever, is using around 25GB of disk space.
Lightroom 6, with quite a lot of edits; flagged files, tags, collections, etc. is using 12.5GB; half as much space as

At this point, until Apple reigns in the disk-space bloat with Photos, I’m swapping my lightroom library back onto my SSD, and moving the library to the slower HDD; the app just isn’t worth losing 12.5GB of space on my SSD compared to lightroom and all that it offers.

Hello, goodbye free disk space

Just a quick note about the new Photos app in 10.10.3; there’s currently no way to disable the auto-generation of previews or thumbnails, so be prepared to lose a lot of disk space for your new library.

For a quick example, I have ~85GB of photos (around 9200 files) that I store on a secondary 2TB HDD, since my OS and applications are on a (relatively) small, 250GB SDD. I do however keep the various library files (e.g. all the metadata) on my SSD so the apps still startup very quickly. My old Aperture library, was around 1GB for 9200 photos, because I disabled automatic preview generation. My lightroom 5 library for the same 9200 photos is very similar, around 900MB.

The same library of 9200 photos converted to the new Photos app? 12.18GB

Yosemite Success!

Well, just a quick post for now that the update to OS X 10.10/Yosemite went well.

I’ll update my main hackintosh page asap with new steps, new config.plist downloads, etc., but for anyone who’s used my guide and just can’t wait, here’s a quick list of what you need to do for a smooth upgrade.

EDIT: 17 October, 2014 – Anyone using my setup should see my upgrade page/guide here before upgrading to 10.10 “Yosemite”

I’ll expand on all of this when I’m done with dinner and have had a bit more time to double check that everything is still working right. I’m also trying to find a way to patch the audio layout files to allow for “ambient noise reduction” to be used with the front-panel mic input jack, will definitely update when I figure that out.

EDIT: I’ll update all my guides tomorrow (Oct. 17th) I’ve run into an intermittent/weird issue with audio and just don’t have the energy or time to finish debugging it tonight.