“M4F” aka “trannies need not apply”

This guy sounds interesting, may as well at least say hi…
And a few minutes later that “orange red” envelope lights up…
This was a good experience, at least he had the decency to respond… Most guys never do.

I just don’t have the willpower or energy tonight to write any long, meaningful post.

I’m tired.

Another lost day

So barely four days back to the blog, and already my second day in a row with no clear topic to write about… Makes me think that blogging just won’t be viable. As it stands this is all a loss anyway; I don’t even qualify for monetization through WordPress/”WordAds” so this just a way to pass the time.

Today was overcast and drizzly, and while it will seem random to most people, that made me think of Disneyland. When I was younger (17-23 or so) I had an annual pass to Disneyland (and eventually Disney California Adventure too.) I’ve never been able to totally pin down why I was so in love with Disneyland, but it was one of the only places I really felt OK; or looked forward to going to.

Part of that was likely that I had “friends” I used to spend time with there, though today I only really keep in touch with a single one.

Still today though there’s a deep sadness when I think about all of the experiences I’ve longed for that I’ve missed. There’s a constant “dream date” I envision, of simply cuddling/huddling together with a boyfriend/partner, sipping coffee or hot cocoa, while watching the nightly fireworks.

It’s hard to even think about that, knowing that it’s just pure fantasy at this point.