An end to an infuriating ethernet bug!

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing an infuriating bug with my ethernet connection and OSX. The short, short version, is that booting into windows break ethernet in OSX, leaving ethernet constantly with a self-assigned ip. No matter of configuration would change this. I could manually setup the IP config, release/renew dhcp, setup manual IP settings, disable the connection, remove the connection entirely, reboot, and set it up again, etc., etc., etc.

Only one thing would work, physically pulling the power cord from the computer.

Needless to say it’s a bit annoying to have to pull the plug every time you want to reboot from one OS to another.

Well, tonight I think I’ve finally found a solution!

I dug around the intel ethernet driver config options on windows, and in addition to “Wake on Magic Packet” (which has always been there, and I use for wake-on-lan) I found the following settings:

  • Wake on Pattern Match
  • Wake on Magic Packet from Power Off State
  • Wake on Link Settings

So I disabled those settings, and ethernet is once again working fine from a normal/hot reboot! I’ll try them all one by one later, but I suspect it’s the “Power Off State” setting that was causing the issue.

23 October, 2014 – UPDATE: So I did some more isolation testing, and indeed it’s only the ‘Wake on Magic Packet from Power Off’ setting that needs to be disabled, the other two don’t affect my ethernet connection in OSX.

Unexpected surprise from Asus

So I had a very pleasant surprise today when I flashed the latest Maximus 6 Impact UEFI/bios (rev. 1603, released 12 September, 2014.) Asus has added an option in the advanced CPU Power Management configuration to disable MSR lock, thus enabling native CPU Power Management in OSX without a kernel patch, or patched UEFI. This was previously introduced in their Z97/9-series motherboards, and I honestly never expected them to back-port the option to Z87, so I’m impressed!

I’ve just finished some quick testing to make sure that power management, sleep/wake, etc. all still work with Clover without the “AsusAICPUPM” or “KernelPm” settings enabled, and I’ve updated the config.plist on my main hackintosh page accordingly.

So, anyone out there with an Asus Z87 board, check your relevant support/downloads page to see if you have a recent bios update. Here’s the page for Maximus 6 Impact users.