So long APK Manager

Just a quick post, largely to use as a static header for the APK Manager page/category.

In June 2015 I moved from Android to iOS, so I will no longer be updating or supporting my APK Manager for Mac OS X. If anyone out there still uses it, I encourage you to search for a new tool, or if you’re so inclined, you can message me to take over the project.

apkmanager bugs

Sigh, some days looking at that makes me want to cry, why have I really bothered?

Well, I’m still not sure I should bother with APK Manager anymore, but at this point I’ve wasted so much time on it, I just don’t feel like abandoning it.

Anyway, I’ve pushed some new fixes to github over the past week to try and fix problems that result from having any ‘spaces’ in the path to apkmanager. And just now I pushed still additional changes to patch dex2jar when installing for these same ‘spaces in path’ problems. If you’ve already downloaded and installed dex2jar from inside apkmanager, please delete the apkmanager/other/dex2jar folder, and install it again.

Cheers 🙂

APK Manager 3.0 beta

So I’m finally bored of testing APK Manager 3.0 by myself, so I pushed the project to github!

The basic install is pretty simple, open terminal, ‘cd’ into whatever directory you want the apkmanager folder to be created in, and run:

git clone git://

then launch and follow all the instructions.

And for anyone that wants the folder icon back (omg, don’t get me started on how retarded git is when it comes to Mac OSX ‘icon’ resources) you can download it here:

(just click on the image)

and thank you very much to anyone that helps test this!

Cheers everyone!

APK Manager (yep, yet again)

Quick question, how do people even use APKManager?

Does anyone use the APKManager.command file to launch the script? Or do you use it directly from terminal/command line?

Anyway, moving forwards towards v3.0!

So first off, I think right now that I’m going to make my main focus on simply making it easier to update.

What does that even mean? Well, right now I’m in the process of breaking apart the main script into a few smaller ones (a single ~2500-3000+ line file is just a pain to work with) and adding a built-in auto-update script using git & github. In doing this, I’m also going to try and urge people to use Homebrew to install the required programs. The pre-compiled binaries will still be an option, but well, usually Homebrew updates them faster than I ever will, and Homebrew will compile binaries optimized for your specific computer system, so they should be smaller and faster too.

This has some pretty unique challenges though, I can’t simply offer to run the homebrew install script for users, since Homebrew requires the Xcode command lines tools, which must either be downloaded from within XCode 4.3.x, or separately from

I’ll post questions about all this for users when they come up. 😉

Anyway, I’ve also switched to an applescript app to launch the script directly, instead of needing a ‘Setup’ app, and then the .command file. This way you can drag the icon anywhere on your dock if you want, or even move the app to /Applications. Just one step towards making APK Manager at least a tiny bit “Mac-like.”

After that, yeah, I don’t really know. I think its pretty “functionally saturated” already, and trying to add major new features would just cause headaches.

Cheers everyone 🙂