I woke up numb. And as reality set in, the tears came.

My aunt put it best last night:

“Right this second, what bothers me the most is that I don’t understand my country.”

President Trump.
Republican Majority in the House and the Senate.
An open supreme court seat because the senate succeeded in stonewalling Obama’s appointment of Garland.

In one day we’ve validated and endorsed obstructionist politics; we’ve told the republicans it’s ok to hold the government hostage, and stonewall the President, the American people don’t care/won’t act.

In one day we’ve told every misogynist and racist that their actions and hate are not only allowable, but to be lauded; they’re presidential qualities now.

In one day we’ve validated rape culture.

In one day the United States has halted (or started the process of reversing) ~30-50 years of social progress.

How am I supposed to be feel about this as a trans-woman who’s still homeless, and reliant on social welfare programs (e.g. Pel Grants, Medi-Cal) to survive and try and rebuild my life?