Back to reality.

Today I made the mistake of browsing through a friends photo library on Facebook.

I know, never trust Facebook to be an accurate representation of anyone’s real life, but even still, it was sobering.

Even if you accept from the start that Facebook is basically a “highlight reel” for people, how does someone reconcile that against their own inability to measure up?

It was a stark reminder of who I am compared to other people my age, and a reminder of the potential for how anyone’s individual happiness can negatively impact other people.

This brings me back to relationships and the effect of dealing with depression, and anxiety. Can someone with such an aching, consuming sadness in their life (like me) ever feel good about lowering the max potential happiness level for another human being?

I doesn’t really relate perfectly (maybe not at all?) but I’m reminded of another old zefrank episode, from September 21, 2006, about the science of happiness:

Admittedly this video is closing on a decade old now, but the book it references (“Stumbling on Happiness”) is still relevant, maybe more so today than ever before.