Two steps to a smooth 10.9.5 update


So I decided to go ahead and update my hackintosh to 10.9.5, and thanks to clover and my DSDT, it was as smooth an update as possible.

After the update, you will likely lose Audio/Sound, and if you’re using an Asus (or other brand) board with the AzureWave BCM4352 wifi chip, you’ll lose your 5Ghz support.

Most people should be fine to just re-patch your audio using toleda’s fantastic script here.

For 5Ghz WiFi support, you can either patch the native kext, or add the following kext patch to your clover config.plist

I’ve also updated the pre-made config.plist for 4790k and Maximus 6 Impact on my main hackintosh page.

2 thoughts on “Two steps to a smooth 10.9.5 update

  1. don 27 September, 2014 / 09:24

    My system only boots in safemode

    • jocelynmallon 27 September, 2014 / 09:29

      Hi, sorry you’re having trouble with the update. Are you using the same basic hardware as my setup?

      I can’t really offer much advice/help without knowing what hardware and config settings you’re using.

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