File/Doc icons for macvim

So for anyone out there that uses MacVim, but can’t stand the default application and document icons, I generated a couple sets of custom icons, based on the gorgeous replacement icons by Jason Long, Drew Yeaton, 1024jp, mdznr and IMEOS.

Just to be crystal clear, I didn’t create any of the artwork, I just generated the various file type .icns files.

UPDATE – 26 August, 2014: I added a fourth option based on the proposed “Yosemite” icon for MacVim by JasonLong.
UPDATE – 27 August, 2014: I’ve added a fifth option now, based on another proposed icon by mdznr.

Any of the icon sets can be downloaded here:

1024jp –
Drew Yeaton –
imeos –
Jason Long –
mdznr –

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