the joy of dying computers

Well, my trusty 4 year old macbook pro is finally dying, and being an unemployed/unemployable waste of air, my budget to build a new desktop (hackintosh of course!) to replace it (let’s face it, I can’t afford a new macbook pro or mac pro) is extremely tight.

So far I got a deal on an itx motherboard to go with the Ncase M1 I backed a couple months ago, along with a refurbished viewsonic VP2770-LED monitor on ebay, and I can scavenge my current SSD. I found a newegg coupon for 16GB RAM the other day ($139) and I just ordered a PSU for $94 (silverstone SFX 450W 80-plus gold) so now I’m just left needing a CPU to at least get the system up and running.

And on that note, FUCK microcenter.

The 4770K *SHOULD* be $279 + tax at microcenter.

And at every single store except the Tustin, CA location, it is. Here in California the 4770k is $359.99, or $319.99 with a bundled motherboard, which I don’t need.

So, if anyone has a spare Haswell i7 4770k they might be willing to donate (or sell at the price of an i5 ~$200-$250) I’d be forever grateful.

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