Sworkit mockups

So I admit it can come off wrong to criticize an application without offering an alternative, so I’ve taken some time to mockup just how good a native version of Sworkit could look and work on Android.

These are all very rough, and I’m not anywhere near finished creating mockups for every screen. Please note, the screen-captures from my phone are at 1280×720 resolution (with hardware buttons instead of soft-keys) whereas the mockups are made to target a Nexus 4 1280×768 resolution, with soft-keys.

First, a comparison of the existing application (left) and my mockups (right)

Overall, the only major changes are the move to a slide-out navigation drawer for access to settings, and a more holo-centric version of the “Cards” UI style. In addition, There’s plenty of room on-screen for quick access to your most recent workouts to repeat them without any hassle.

The workout selection list is largely unchanged too, simply conforming to the HOLO theme, and removing the “back” and “more” buttons up top in favor of using the “UP carrot” in the top action bar.

And the custom workout screen, compared to a workout “Queue” system. Of course a queue system doesn’t have to replace the custom workout option, but I think it’s a better feature to implement earlier than fully custom workouts, especially with the randomization that Sworkit can already employ.

And of course, the settings menu compared to a Navigation Drawer. You could go even further, and embed a switch/toggle for the “30 Second Break” right into the drawer for super quick access to this setting.

EDIT: 3:50pm, 8 Oct, 2013 – Updated the navigation drawer mockup to show icons in the drawer. All icons used in the mockup are stock Android, available for free from Google in vector format.

And lastly, to expand on some of the drill-down pages in the Settings menu, I would break apart the user profile and goals into separate screens, and incorporate things like TDEE calculation, more accurate calories burned estimation based on fitness profile, etc.

And an idea of what an expanded “Goals” screen might look like, with linked sliders so that adjusting minutes-per-day, minutes-per-week, or days-per-week will all update the other sliders for best-fit goals.

And of course, all of the above could easily translate to the “Holo Dark” system theme with little to no modification really.

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