another motherboard plea…

While I have no illusions that this will actually be read or acted on by motherboard manufacturers (just like my previous open letter!) I can at least dream, right?

So, I’ve recently decided that apple is doing one thing right with the new Mac Pro, and that’s the small size, though again, I feel it’s better suited to a prosumer market, and not really a working professional (especially in light of the new Nvidia Quadro K6000, the Mac Pro sorely needs that card instead of the FirePro.)

Anyway, on to my plea, please Asus, Gigabyte, ASRock, etc., give us a mini-ITX motherboard with dual thunderbolt ports.

Imagine this board, but rearrange the “impact control” daughter board so that underneath it fits 2 thunderbolt ports.

Pair that with a Quadro K6000 (or a GTX Titan for home users), Xeon E3-1295v3 (or 4770k), 16GB RAM (ECC unbuffered for the Xeon, plain DDR3 ~2400Mhz for 4770k), and the amazing crowd-funded Ncase M1:

That would make a crazy awesome, powerful, and stylish little hackintosh.

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