APK Manager 3.0 beta

So I’m finally bored of testing APK Manager 3.0 by myself, so I pushed the project to github!


The basic install is pretty simple, open terminal, ‘cd’ into whatever directory you want the apkmanager folder to be created in, and run:

git clone git://github.com/jocelynmallon/apkmanager.git

then launch APKManager.app and follow all the instructions.

And for anyone that wants the folder icon back (omg, don’t get me started on how retarded git is when it comes to Mac OSX ‘icon’ resources) you can download it here:

(just click on the image)

and thank you very much to anyone that helps test this!

Cheers everyone!

4 thoughts on “APK Manager 3.0 beta

  1. Fredrik (@Frikish) 15 May, 2012 / 05:23

    I get these strange errors:

    if [ $(command -v apkm) ]; then apkm; else “/Users/xxx/apkmanager/other/main.sh”; fi; exit
    /Users/xxx/apkmanager/other/main.sh: line 59: /usr/bin/sed: Operation not permitted
    /Users/xxx/apkmanager/other/main.sh: line 59: /usr/bin/sed: Operation not permitted
    /Users/xxx/apkmanager/other/main.sh: line 59: /usr/bin/sed: Operation not permitted
    /Users/xxx/apkmanager/other/main.sh: line 59: /usr/bin/sed: Operation not permitted

    You know anything about what causing it?

    • jocelynmallon 15 May, 2012 / 09:01


      I think that’s related to a bug I didn’t catch in APKManager.app.

      If you have git installed, can you open a terminal and cd into your ‘apkmanager’ directory and run the following command:

      git pull origin refs/heads/master:refs/remotes/origin/master

      • Fredrik (@Frikish) 16 May, 2012 / 01:47

        After trying the

        git pull origin refs/heads/master:refs/remotes/origin/master

        I get these:

        /usr/libexec/git-core/git-sh-setup: line 71: /usr/bin/sed: Operation not permitted
        /usr/libexec/git-core/git-pull: line 259: /usr/bin/sed: Operation not permitted
        There are no candidates for merging among the refs that you just fetched.
        Generally this means that you provided a wildcard refspec which had no
        matches on the remote end.

        Did you program change the sed?

  2. jocelynmallon 16 May, 2012 / 09:32

    Hi again,

    No, APKManager doesn’t change sed in any way. Honestly, I’m not sure what’s going on, I can’t reproduce either error on my computer.

    Is there a space in the path to the apkmanager folder anywhere?

    EDIT: I’m still trying to reproduce the same error/bug you’ve encountered, and it just won’t show up for me.

    I have found a handful of other bugs though related to there being a ‘space’ in the path to the apkmanager folder, specifically with my use of the defaults command to write preferences into the plist file.

    So can you try moving the apkmanager folder somewhere where there won’t be a space in the path, and see if it works?

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