ruminating on apk manager osx

So… I’ve spent a fair amount of time the past ten days or so working on APK Manager OS X again. And the irony is that I don’t really do any android application modding anymore. Yet I feel obligated to keep the script alive, since mac users so often go overlooked by the android community at large.

So some thoughts and questions where the project should go next…

  • I would very much like to include an automatic update function, to do away with the horribly messy process of always having to backup projects, manually copy over a new apk_manager directory, re-run setup, and then restore projects, etc.
  • I have basically no idea how to do this. Well, that’s not entirely true, I’ve been digging through the oh-my-zsh update scripts, and think I understand how they handle updates, but I’m very hesitant to just copy their code for a few reasons.
    1. They use git & github for their auto-updates, and I don’t want to force users of APK Manager to install git.
    2. Assuming I have no choice but to use git & github, how do I go about generating a release repo that isn’t littered with all my development files?
    3. And then how do I maintain it?
  • Is there any benefit to modularizing the entire script into multiple scripts for each main function?
  • How do I add comprehensive debugging options to the project? I’d love to implement something like this but then I’m forced to modularize, right?
  • Assuming I figure all of that out, how do I handle binary updates for optipng, pngcrush, sox, 7za, etc.? Can I use git submodules for them?

So ugh. I’m just totally at an impasse right now with APK Manager OS X. And of course, those questions don’t even answer the biggest of them all,

Should I even continue to maintain this with the overwhelming lack of interest? (there have been barely 1000 total downloads (1003 at the time of posting) over the ~7 months I’ve been working on it.)

One thought on “ruminating on apk manager osx

  1. Mike 18 April, 2012 / 20:16


    Wow, you’ve done a great job with this. I wish I’d found it sooner.

    Thank you.

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