APK Manager OS X v2.2.1!

Yeah… so I know I skipped posting a ton of updates (and yes, the screenshots are already outdated.)

So yeah… a lot of changes, first, I re-packaged the entire thing into a mac disk image (DMG) file since some users were reporting errors with extracting the zip file. I’ve also added the option to view java source for most apk or jar files, re-worked the ‘debug’ menu yet again, added another text/log viewing app for selection (Chocolat.) I also fixed a handful of bugs, re-worked the default apktool.jar symlink routine, and built-in the color choice selection into one script, to avoid potential version mismatches, etc. from continually shipping two script files simply for different text colors.

I’ve also updated a lot of the included binaries (optipng, pngcrush, sox, adb, etc.)

While I was at it (For v2.1), I moved all user settings, private keys/keystores, etc., to $HOME/.apkmanager directory, and created a migration script for users to preserver their settings and keys prior to upgrading to v2.1+

Anyway, onto the links!

EDIT: yeah, outdated already, please see APK Manager on:

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