yet again, still tweaking ZSH…

Yep, just still tweaking my ZSH setup, I decided to go ahead and add that battery gauge to my prompt. I’m honestly not sure how useful it will be, but well, it was just really neat, lol.

All credit for the battery gauge goes to Steve Losh, I did change the colors just a touch, well, really I only bolded them to fit with my prompt theme overall. I’m pretty sure that the battery gauge will only work for Mac laptops, but well, I don’t know python to check the script, so I can’t be 100% certain.

Anyway, I also went through my zshmarks plugin again and added proper return codes, so if you try to ‘go’ to a bookmark that doesn’t exist, or use an existing bookmark name for a new folder, etc., it will return an error code, and that’s shown in my prompt theme whenever the return code is greater than zero.

Everything was just pushed to my fork of oh-my-zsh on github.

2 thoughts on “yet again, still tweaking ZSH…

  1. dillonforrestn 9 December, 2012 / 08:37

    Hey Jocelyn! Just wanted to say that I really like your zsh prompt. It’s so pretty lol. You’ve inspired me to beef mine up too! Haha. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to checking out the rest of your github too. 🙂 Cheers!

    • jocelynmallon 9 December, 2012 / 09:47

      Hi, thanks for the comment.

      I forget which theme it was exactly, but I started with one of the pre-existing oh-my-zsh themes. And well, it turns out that theme in turn was borrowing from this guy’s prompt here:

      So if you run into any problems, you might check that out, it helped me fix a few things when I was making my prompt, along with this site (where I originally got the battery meter, though I no longer use it):

      Anyway, I’m not really a programmer, so my github is largely empty, or forks of other projects just trying to see how things work.

      Cheers 🙂

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