yet again, still tweaking ZSH…

Yep, just still tweaking my ZSH setup, I decided to go ahead and add that battery gauge to my prompt. I’m honestly not sure how useful it will be, but well, it was just really neat, lol.

All credit for the battery gauge goes to Steve Losh, I did change the colors just a touch, well, really I only bolded them to fit with my prompt theme overall. I’m pretty sure that the battery gauge will only work for Mac laptops, but well, I don’t know python to check the script, so I can’t be 100% certain.

Anyway, I also went through my zshmarks plugin again and added proper return codes, so if you try to ‘go’ to a bookmark that doesn’t exist, or use an existing bookmark name for a new folder, etc., it will return an error code, and that’s shown in my prompt theme whenever the return code is greater than zero.

Everything was just pushed to my fork of oh-my-zsh on github.

still tweaking ZSH

So I’m still tweaking my new ZSH setup, and have progressed from a simple port of my old bash prompt, to a much prettier and useful new ZSH theme. First, there was no way I could have ever figure this out without the amazing write-up here:

And well, I can’t imagine that anyone is really interested, but I pushed my fork of oh-my-zsh up to github here:

The master branch contains all of my new prompt themes (rather originally named “jocelyn_new” “jocelyn_new2” and “jocelyn_new3”) and my zshmarks port that I posted about earlier. And of course, I’ll try to keep it updated whenever I tweak things.

For example, I’ve been playing with adding this neat battery gauge today and I might push an updated theme with it later, though I’m still not sure if I really like it enough to keep it in my theme for everyday use.

bashmarks… for zsh

So I’m a nerd.

Shocking, I know… right.

But I’m like, a fringe/closet nerd… not really willing to commit enough to being a nerd to try things like, oh, switching my login shell in OSX, instead just happily plugging away with BASH for years.

Well, today I took a leap and switched to ZSH.

And so far, its pretty amazing, thanks in large part to a fantastic community effort, “oh-my-zsh.” (seriously, if you plan on trying ZSH at any point, you need to save this link and check it out, it makes customizing zsh so insanely easy.)

Anyway, after setting up my prompt and adding a few of my own custom alias definitions, I realized the one thing I was already sorely missing from bash; bashmarks.

This is something I use so many times everyday its not possible to live without it. Well, at first, I tried some alternatives, like autojump and yes, its really a very nice script, but it wasn’t bashmarks.

So I decided to very quickly modify bashmarks for oh-my-zsh, adding an option to manually edit the .bookmarks file, and removing bash-completion support, and adding ZSH tab completion.

Anyway, I went ahead and sent in a pull request to the main oh-my-zsh repository, but in the meantime, for anyone that wants to try this, download the following:

This plugin is now part of my fork of oh-my-zsh on github, either cherry-pick the commit, or download just the zshmarks plugin files/folder from my repo here:

UPDATE: 19 August, 2013 – A few days ago I split the zshmarks plugin into it’s own repository on github, so you no longer need to clone my fork of oh-my-zsh, just clone the zshmarks plugin repo into your ~/oh-my-zsh/plugins or ~/oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins directory.

Cheers everyone 🙂

APK Manager v1.0 (finally)

Well, there won’t really be much substance to this post, just the pictures above, a quick note that v1.0 grew from ~300 lines to 1986 lines, plus a really small subscript to generate the adblog.txt.

Well, new download links below!

Cheers everyone 🙂

Just a quick update, this is now mostly being released on XDA and Rootzwiki, I’ll try and update the download links here accordingly, but well, I’ll probably forget quite often.

Anyway, newest download link, version 1.2, added below.

EDIT: yeah, outdated already, please see APK Manager on: