APKManager OSX, part 2

So I feel like I’m closing in on a 1.0 release for APKManager for mac. Well, really only because I’m running out of ideas for new features to add, lol.

Anyway, in the meantime, its now 32-bit & 64-bit compatible (auto-detects correct binaries for your architecture) and comes with an applescript setup applet, and a new font, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono!

Hands down that’s my new favorite fixed-width font, that I can readily differentiate between lower-case “l” and 1 is nothing short of amazing. Plus it has clear rules governing redistribution.

Anyway, new version (0.9.8/RC2) and download link (I decided to switch to mediafire since cl.ly had issues for several hours a few nights ago) follow.

I’ve also gone ahead and released this on Rootzwiki with a fairly updated and accurate changelog, ongoing list of notes/todo, etc.

So anyway, for the maybe one or two people on this planet that use this, enjoy. Oh, and hopefully I’ll upload a newer/faster/better version of my smali syntax modes for SubEthaEdit and Coda sometime tonight, or this weekend.

Cheers everyone 🙂

EDIT: yeah, outdated already, please see APK Manager on:

2 thoughts on “APKManager OSX, part 2

  1. qureyoonyoon 27 December, 2011 / 00:17

    Was googling on how to learn .smali, stumbled upon your blog.
    APKManager is the one I used to decompile and see the .smali files.

    But your version of the OSX is much more beautiful! I hope the Windows version is as good as this too 🙂

    Anyway, do you have any online reference on where I can learn .smali?

    Thanks in advance!

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