APKManager OSX, part 2

So I feel like I’m closing in on a 1.0 release for APKManager for mac. Well, really only because I’m running out of ideas for new features to add, lol.

Anyway, in the meantime, its now 32-bit & 64-bit compatible (auto-detects correct binaries for your architecture) and comes with an applescript setup applet, and a new font, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono!

Hands down that’s my new favorite fixed-width font, that I can readily differentiate between lower-case “l” and 1 is nothing short of amazing. Plus it has clear rules governing redistribution.

Anyway, new version (0.9.8/RC2) and download link (I decided to switch to mediafire since cl.ly had issues for several hours a few nights ago) follow.

I’ve also gone ahead and released this on Rootzwiki with a fairly updated and accurate changelog, ongoing list of notes/todo, etc.

So anyway, for the maybe one or two people on this planet that use this, enjoy. Oh, and hopefully I’ll upload a newer/faster/better version of my smali syntax modes for SubEthaEdit and Coda sometime tonight, or this weekend.

Cheers everyone 🙂

EDIT: yeah, outdated already, please see APK Manager on:

APK Manager for Mac OS X

APK Manager for Mac OS

So for anyone familiar with the online “Community” for android, you probably have heard of (and maybe even used yourself) the tool APK Manager by XDA user Daneshm90.

If not, well, this post likely won’t mean anything to you, and I’m sorry about that.

Anyway, APK Manager is a script for Windows that makes extracting/decompiling, editing, and recompiling Android apps (APK files) worlds easier than doing it manually. Earlier this year I tried to port the newest windows version to mac using the outdated linux script for a base. And I even had some success at the time by using macports to install sox. But then my computer crashed (double drive failure back in July) and I gave up. Recently though I saw that someone else tried to do the same thing, XDA user MAD Industries released a very basic port for mac.

Sadly though, a quick diff of his script and the outdated linux version shows that its not much of a port at all. In fact there were only 9 changed lines, purely for MAD Industries to take credit, and then some commented lines to disable the options to optimize png images, and ogg files.

And so I started over again with my goal to try and match the windows 4.9 version in features and usability. Sadly, my utterly abhorrent programming skills have caused the script to balloon size, from 315 lines to ~900 lines, but I’ve also dolled up the interface (read: color text and pretty submenus,) and added a ton of behind-the-scenes error-checking that isn’t present even in the windows version.

Since I used the MAD Industries version for my base, I have kept his credit in the readme.txt, though to be honest, I’ve undone or completely changed every line he edited in the script, and even replaced his compiled binaries with ones I compiled myself. I’ve also included 64-bit and 32-bit versions of optipng and 7za, 32-bit version of sox and have even included a copy of adb, along with a .terminal file for easily configuring the default display, and a copy of my favorite fixed-width font, Anonymous.


In time, I do plan on releasing this back to the main android forums (XDA, etc.) but for now, since I’m still actively modifying it daily, I want to keep it away from the masses, for better control of my time spent troubleshooting bugs that arise.

Anyway, onto the download!

EDIT: yeah, outdated already, please see APK Manager on: