Color Sidebar icons in OSX 10.7 Finder

A few weeks ago I was determined to find some way to bring back custom icons in some form to the lion finder sidebar. Alas, someone else beat me to it, and rightly so since it turned out to require a decent bit of coding, and well, I’m not a programmer in any way.

The solution is a SIMBL plugin for finder, that you can find here:

Many, many people have already written (and made youtube videos too) about how to use the bundle, so this post is just for an additional tip that I’ve been using personally for the past week. For some unknown reason, SIMBL on lion isn’t holding settings, so when you restart, logoff, etc., the finder reverts to grey icons, requiring you to force-quit or “kill” the finder and relaunch it for the sidebar to load.

And a lot of people have thought up using applescript to relaunch the finder automatically. I just took it one step further, and combined a shell script with a launchagent plist to automate the relaunch of finder. This way you don’t see any annoying icon in your dock, even temporarily, while the script to kill and relaunch finder is executed.

Download one of the two files below, and copy to:


Then simply reboot, and enjoy your colorful sidebar by default again!

ColorSidebar Plist for normal finder
ColorSidebar Plist for TotalFinder